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The History of Step In Time, Inc.

Owner, Geri Slavin started as a dancer's mom . . . with a few ideas.

She began her business in Ohio in 1992 making screened dance t-shirts. In 1996 Geri created Tia's Dancewear, the manufacturer of Step In Time, Inc.'s clothing line. Over the years, Geri's work has been featured in numerous national magazines and newspapers.

Step In Time, Inc. not only offers a variety of garments with custom screen printing, crystals, and embroidered designs, but also does everything on-site to ensure the best of quality.

From booty shorts, t-shirts, trendy sweatshirts, and a variety of custom dancewear, Step In Time, Inc. continues to grow with clients around the world!

Step In Time, Inc. is proud to be in its twenty eighth year in business.

Thank You for your continued support, loyalty, and friendship!
Step In Time, Inc.
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It Started At An Early Age

Geri's love for dance started as a young girl.
Her passion grew over time and, as an adult,
Geri turned to creating fashionable clothing
for dancers all over the world. Her line of clothing
is wearable "From Studio to Stage to Street!"

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Expanding Her Creative Line

Over time, Geri expanded her clothing line to include
client-provided designs to original, custom designs
using screen printing, embroidery, and crystals.
From T-Shirts to Ensembles, her eye-catching fashion
is worn by dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts,
and even moms and dads!

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Her Brand Continues to Grow

Step In Time, Inc. has grown from
dressing dancers locally, in Ohio, to fashion lovers
all over the United States. Her line of clothing
(Tia's Dancewear) is found in retail stores
and is being worn by dancers and others
from around the world!

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